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Nutrient Based Eating Program

Program package includes: Nutrient Based Eating downloadable eBook; (6) NBE eCourse teaching videos delivered to your inbox; and closed Facebook group for accountability, meal ideas, and coaching.


Livin' That Lean Nutrient Based Lifestyle!

The NBE program takes you from the restrictive and ineffective diet-mentality to the thriving lifestyle of nutritious eating all by implementing ONE solid nutrition habit at a time!  The NBE eBook and emailed eCourse will guide you every step of the way through this journey! 



Nutrient Based Eating eBook is broken down into 3 sections:



 Here you will gain understanding of why a NUTRIENT focus is far more beneficial over a CALORIE focus; a background on all essential macro- and micro-nutrients and where to find them; the problem with the Modern American Diet (MAD); and why "worrying" about your eating with controlling and exhaustive practices of weighing and counting food is effective and keeps you restricted by "rules." 


 The KEY to making the NBE a LIFESTYLE of health you actually ENJOY is all about how you implement each nutritional habit.  I take you through 5 possible PHASES (Phase 0, Phase 1, Tween Phase, Phase 2 & Phase 3) which are made up of 17+ ESSENTIAL NUTRITION HABITS!  I also teach you how to effectively implement each individual habit through my "NBE Habit Formula Tracker!"  You monitor the METABOLIC, PHYSICAL, and PHYSIOLOGICAL factors I teach you to ensure you are seeing steady results.  If you ever hit a plateau, I teach you the 'next best step' to keep moving in the right direction!



Where so many other "diet programs" fail you in this area and statistics say 95% of people who lose weight will gain it back within 5-years, I GOT YOU!  Here I teach you the MINDSET OF MAINTENANCE and keep it real with what to expect once you reach your goal!  But also, because you have finally rid yourself of the "all-or-nothing" diet-mentality and mastered the skill of moderation, you will have a MUCH HIGHER % of successfully attaining and MAINTAINING your fat or weight loss! 


Nutrient Based eCourse:

While the book has EVERYTHING you need, I also wanted to get a chance to teach you the ropes of the NBE lifestyle.  I will send you 6 video teachings where I walk you through my NBE Habit Formula success tracker as well as each of the 5 Phases of the NBE program.  These 10-min videos will be delivered right to your email inbox in a sequential order that makes sense.  


Closed Facebook Group for Accountability & Support:

You will also be given the chance to join the Nutrient Based Eating closed Facebook group for additional accountability, inspiration, and support!  Coach Amanda Wright and team will be in this group daily with habit support and meal ideas!  Get in there and show us what you're eating and how good you're starting to feel!  This group is ONLY for paying members of the NBE program, so you're safe with us. :-) 

Testimonials from Real Clients!

"I went from a size 12 to a size 6 in 8 months and have never felt better! Amanda's program was just so simple that I was able to stay consistent with it! It's for sure my lifestyle now, I feel amazing and never feel deprived." --Sarah, 31

"Nutrient Based Eating truly changed my life! My body has responded so well. When I first started, I was experiencing very painful hormone related issues that have since stopped! Very, VERY grateful!" --Terri, 43

"7 years ago I separated my pelvis having my oldest daughter. I never thought I would be in single digit jeans again. I have been a solid 12 since then teetering between 10s and 14s off and on. The last few weeks my 5 year old has been frequently coming up behind me and hiking up my pants, apparently they were a bit saggy. So here I am... buying size 8 blue jeans!" Wendy, 40

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